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Project Date
October 12, 2019
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How it Works

HiveMQ is an MQTT broker and a client based messaging platform designed for the fast, efficient and reliable movement of data to and from connected IoT devices. It uses the MQTT protocol for instant, bi-directional push of data between your device and your enterprise systems.

HiveMQ MQTT Broker Architecture Diagram

HiveMQ is built to address some of the key technical challenges organizations face when building new Internet of Things applications, including:

  • Building reliable and scalable business critical IoT applications
  • Fast data delivery to meet the expectations of end users for responsive IoT products
  • Lower cost of operation through efficient use of hardware, network and cloud resources
  • Integrating IoT data into existing enterprise systems

Why Hive MQ

High Availability Clustering

  • Automatic elastic and linear scalability at runtime
  • Fault tolerant and resilient clusters
  • Cluster Overload Protection
  • Zero Downtime Upgrades
  • True Distributed and Masterless Cluster Architecture
  • Advanced Anti Amplification Technology
  • 10.000.000 supported MQTT clients per cluster
  • TLS


  • TLS
  • Authentication & Authorization
  • Integration with common third party security systems
  • OCSP Stapling
  • High Performance BoringSSL Integration
  • Custom Authentication and Authorization via Extensions

Extension Framework


  • 100% compliance with MQTT 5 and MQTT 3.x
  • Simultaneous support for MQTT 5 and MQTT 3.x
  • Client Load Balancing with Shared Subscriptions
  • ISO Compliant: ISO / IEC:20922

Real-time Troubleshooting

  • Advanced MQTT End-to-End Analysis
  • MQTT Client Drill-Down Analysis
  • Real-Time Trace Recordings
  • MQTT Event Log
  • Client Event History
  • Traceability for undelivered messages

Management Tools

  • Real-time monitoring Dashboard
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Advanced MQTT End-to-End Analysis
  • Extension Management
  • Monitoring System Extensions
  • Extensible Logging Subsystem
  • Backup & Restore MQTT Data


  • TCP
  • TLS
  • Websockets
  • Secure Websockets
  • IPv4 & IPv6
  • Proxy Protocol V1 & V2
  • HW & SW Load Balancer Support

Security Extensions

Enterprise Extensions

Supported Platforms

  • Bare Metal Servers
  • HiveMQ Cloud (Fully Managed MQTT Cloud Platform)
  • Cloud Environments (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform)
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes – (K8s Operator)
  • OpenShift
  • DC/OS