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Cyber Security

The Company suffered losses due to deleted data

Feeling disappointed because get fired suddenly, Tan Wei Chiang has moved 20 files from Google
Drive his company to a trash bin, and 16 files are deleted. When his senior wants to check the data,
she asks him “did he know the data” then he answers, where was the data was. Unfortunately, with
some help from IT Department, they found Mr. Tan Wei Chiang was deleted the data, they try to
recover it but 4 files can’t be recovered, there is three production workers’ overtime records, a
consolidated record of the company’s compliance with Singapore Food Agency requirements, and
file about a list of product and guidelines for factory workers.

That company report Tan Wei Chiang and he got a punishment to pay $5000. Based on Tan Wei
Chiang’s confession they belonged to him. The company deducted $1500 from Tan’s outstanding
salary as compensation. Kalidass Murugiayan as the lawyer of Tan Wei Chiang asked to cut down the
punishment to $2500. He said the deleted documents have been prepared from available
information, so “it’s not as if the information is invariably lost”.

Actually, in another case for unauthorized modification of computer contents, he could have been
jailed up to three years, fined up to $10000, or both. The company can avoid this situation if they
use a cloud to save their documents, it’s also easier to track the data. No company wants to lose
their data, before too late think about choosing computer service management to help your

In Nordic Solutions, we have several computer service managements like Microsoft 365 and
Microsoft Azure. These two servers are trustable and easy to understand. Microsoft Azure provides a
global network that can deploy your company networking infrastructure, to check the performance
of an application, services, and resource Microsoft Azure has Network Performing Monitoring (NPM)
that offerings by Azure Network. With more than 90 compliance certifications, Azure provides a
secure environment for your data and Azure DDoS Protection to protect resources, logging, alerting,

Source : CNA

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